The Pyramid and Nile River

The water between beautiful landscapes at both sides, the cruise drives in the Nile. Enjoy the beauty of Egypt, by seeing the stone carved designs which tells about the long ago history of great kings. Do not miss to visit in your life time.

We four families, started trip to Egypt, our actual plan was for Turkey but later changed the plan to visit Egypt. We were in Qatar and as first step we choose the places to visit. We created day wise plan, then found the local travel agent at Egypt who will be able to guide during our stay. We applied the visa directly in Egypt embassy at Qatar and got the visa in 3 days time. Immediately tickets were booked and hotels were booked.

we were so excited to see one of the wonders of the world, with the same mood we took the flight and reached late night at Alexandria. Completed emigration and came outside, the weather was so chill our driver was waiting for pick up. we boarded up in mini van and drove for an hour to reach our hotel. All were tired and next day our plan was to start early morning so all slept on that day immediately. Enjoyed the breezy chill night with the loved ones.

Will continue …………..


Journey started at the time of birth, but the route is not decided that’s the we’re we get struck. Interesting thing in life is that we find a route by ourselves and make others to use the route. So travel a lot find the routes and tell us , there are more people to follow . I have found various routes which I am going to share .. coming soon…..